Register & Unlock "QuickLoads Pro" 


If you have a demo or trial version of "QuickLoads Pro" you do not register it. Just click the "Continue" button in the "O'Brien QuickLoads Pro - Unregistered Copy" screen to gain access to the software for the trial period. After your trial period is up ( 5 times access or 30 days) the software will no longer let you in. You will need to purchase it to gain unlimited access.


If you get ANY ERRORS installing, loading or running the program, DO NOT REGISTER YET. You need to correct them with technical support  before registering and unlocking the software.

REGISTER & UNLOCKS -  This online registration form is the only way we register and un-lock your software. Plus you can do it anytime.

This form is to register & Unlock "QuickLoads Pro" only!
Just fill out the appropriate sections of the form below.
To register & unlock the software if paid for, you must enter the lock code and product serial number below, plus the additional required information. We will verify the information & e-mail you back the un-lock key code and instructions. Be sure to complete all registration information below. Be sure and leave a valid e-mail address, so we can e-mail the un-lock code and instructions to you. If you do not have a valid e-mail address, you cannot register online and will need to call us when we are open.


For those of you with Win.XP or earlier just skip the next bit of text and go right to the Register / Un-lock form below.


For the Vista, Win 7, 8 & 10? you will need to follow the following steps before you unlock, or your unlock code we send you will not work.


For Windows vista only just right mouse click on quickload pro icon on desktop after instalation and left mouse click on run as administrator, say yes to what it ask you and it will bring you to registration page, then use the lock code you see after that process when you enter it into the "Register / Un-Lock" form below.


For window 7 or windows 8, 10


After installing please close out the program then right mouse click on the icon a QuickLoads Pro on the desktop, then left mouse click on properties and then left mouse click on compatibility tab at the top and then check mark the box "run in compatibility mode",  and a drop-down list will appear, click on the window system XP - SP2, then press  apply and okay. Then right mouse click on the icon again and run as administrator and say yes to let program run. You only have to do this once and it will give you a new lock code.  We need the new lock code you see after that step.

If for any reason after you close out the program and you left mouse click on the icon and it brings you back to the registration screen close it out and then right mouse click again and run as administrator and it will ask you do you want to let the program make changes say yes and it will bring you straight to the main men


We do not provide UN-Lock codes over the phone, they are only provided via this form request.

When you are finished, please click the "Submit" button in the form above once to submit your request. if you provided a valid email address you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't get it check the email address given and your junk mail and correct as needed.

Common Questions & Answers


Where is the Serial Number : The serial number is inside the jewel case it came with.  The easiest place to read the serial number is on the sticker inside each jewel case on the bottom left. Demo's do not have a serial number. Demo's and downloads are assigned serial numbers by our office when purchased. Please keep that number handy, as it makes looking up your record easier and IS REQUIRED to unlock with this form. If you don't have it, you can't register online. Email our office with your contact info & we will look up your serial number & email it back to you.

Where is the Lock Code : The lock code is generated by the software when it is installed on your computer. It is unique on each computer the software is installed on and does not transfer between computers. It is different every time the software is installed. After you install the software on your computer, start the "QuickLoads Pro" program. The first screen you see when you start the program is the "O'Brien QuickLoads Pro - Unregistered Copy" screen. This is where the software tells you how many times you still have left to use it before you must register it to gain access. It is also where the "Lock Code" is displayed,  just under the number of times left, on the center left of the screen. This is the "Lock Code" you will need to provide above so we can give you the proper "Unlock Code".

License Agreement : When you purchased the software, you purchased it with a single user/computer license. Additional user/computer licenses are available  at our online store, or by calling us to purchase them. For complete details on the licensing agreement, just click on the "Licensing Agreement" button at the "O'Brien QuickLoads Pro - Unregistered Copy" screen. In plain English what does it mean? That you can operate the software on any single computer of your choice and even transfer to another computer if you want. 

Please Note: If we have  unlocked your software before, and you are requesting another un-lock code, you will need to explain why you are requesting another unlock code so we know how to process your request. Failure to provide adequate details under "Comments" on the form may delay your unlock request.

If this is your first time to unlock the software, no comments are needed


How soon do we get back to you with the unlock code? Depends, if you register during our normal working hours, while we are open, we normally process the request and send a e-mail reply in a few hours. That time can be a bit longer if we are busy or internet e-mail traffic is slow.  If you submit a unlock request after hours,  weekends, or holidays normally we respond within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, check your junk e-mail box. It seems most lost unlocks end up there, or check the return e-mail address you gave, most of the rest of the problems receiving an unlock are with bad e-mail address customers give us.

Caution: The two biggest problems we see are people giving us INVALID e-mail addresses, valid e-mail addresses DO NOT have any blank spaces and end in .com, .net .org, etc. The 2nd most common problem is not providing us complete information as requested above, either one will just delay your request. If you do not hear from us via e-mail in 24 hours, there is some sort of problem, as we respond to ALL submissions within 24 hours and some within 30 minutes. Either try again with corrected information, or just call us when we are open. When you register by e-mail, we will only attempt to contact you back via e-mail, we will not call you. Most after hours unlocks are done at remote locations away from our business phone lines, so be sure and leave a VALID e-mail address.



Call :830-620-7709