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QuickLoads Pro

Simply the fastest and easiest way to do heating & cooling loads, branch duct sizing, cooling & heating operating costs, payback & bid.

Powerfull Features!


•Powerful Windows 32 bit software, runs in Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, VISTA, Win 7, 8, 10 & 10 Pro only.

•Easy to install program with our, no hassle, auto install CD. Just put in the CD, the program automatically loads itself.

•Improved, easier to use screen designs & user inputs. All screens have been redesigned for ease of use and from customer feedback of what they wanted.

•Shows hydronic heat for each room & totals on screen. Now on screen hydronic heat is displayed for each room and for the total house.

•Displays both heating & cooling loads at the same time for each room and job totals, instead of just cooling.

•Now delete old jobs from within the program. No need to go to explorer or my computer to delete old jobs, it's now one button easy from within the program. 

•Now advanced search for jobs by customer name, address, phone or job number. 

•Easily handles & changes multiple stories and basements. Easy to use choices make these complex choices easy.

•Delete unwanted rooms from load as needed, no need to redo load if the customer or contractor removes a room from the plans.

•Apply load changes to one room or all rooms, your choice. Now if you make a change to the load, say change a wall from R-11 to R-19, you have the choice to change just the one room or ALL rooms, your choice. This feature works for ALL design conditions.

•Easier to read & use large drop down lists for R-Values & U-factors.

•All new updated default values and conditions. We have gone over all initial default values and changed them for today's building & efficiencies. Of course you can still change any of them to suit your own or local needs.

•Change fuel heat content of natural, L.P. & fuel oil. Handy feature now lets you change the heat content of fuels for different grades in your locale.

•Updated branch duct design, now do ducts your way. Setup your own duct sizes, supply & return grill defaults. Ducts now allows for forced multiple return air grills. Room returns displayed as well as central return air grills.

•Powerful new feature, adjust duct design size to actual installed system size.

•Customize back grounds with your own photos. Got a digital camera and image editing software? Now add your own photos to the opening screen back ground. Put in your building, service trucks, logo to customize the software to reflect your company, the possibilities are endless.

•Works with any printer supported by windows, period!

•Plus much more!

All Original Features Improved !  Still 6 Programs in One Included !


Load Calculations

Provides comprehensive heating & cooling load analysis with even more detailed, redesigned breakdowns of specified conditions and computed results of heat gains and losses. Now easily toggle between the entry screen, detailed breakdowns, and all the design conditions and temperatures. Summary or detailed printouts of loads are user selectable. User input screens and fields are now easier to use and understand.

Branch Duct Sizing

Automatically calculates room round duct sizes plus room supply & newly added room return grille sizes including C.F.M.’s per grill, multiple returns for  both room & central returns. All based on your size & grill preferences you can now change in setup to anything you want. It also comes pre-loaded with the most common grilles and duct sizes so you can start using it right away. Now duct & grill sizing your way ! Plus adjust design to actual size! a powerful new feature that lets you change the designed duct to the C.F.M.'s of the actual installed system air handler. No adjusting each grille & duct individually for a larger than design air handler, let the program do it for you with one button ease.

Cooling Operating Costs

Automatically calculates seasonal cooling operating costs based on any S.E.E.R., system size, hours of operation or utility rate you enter. Change utility rates for your area. Program now centers & highlights your seasonal hours of operation & local operating costs based on your preferences you decide in setup. Change these values as needed to perform easy one button what ifs.

Heating Operating Costs

Automatically highlights and compares seasonal heating operating costs between natural gas, electric strip heat, L.P. gas, fuel oil and heat pumps, all at the same time allowing for different efficiencies, costs & fuel energy content on each type. Change these values as needed to perform easy one button what ifs. Show your customer the best heating choice.

Payback Analysis

Inputs basic equipment information, costs & provides a simple payback your average customer can understand, based on the difference in cost & operational savings. No snake oil, just facts. Just the right amount of facts. Don't scare your customer off with information he can't understand. This payback is designed so your customer can easily understand it.

Prepare Bid

Easy, simple to prepare bid based on customer information already entered. "Putting it in writing" has never been easier. Don't like the name "Bid"? Change it, the program now allows you to change this title to anything you want like, "Proposal", "Quote", etc.

System Requirements

Runs in Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, VISTA, Win 7, 8, 10 & 10 Pro only. It is NOT SUPPORTED or un-locked on Win.11 up.

. Program is supplied on a CD-ROM. A CD-ROM drive is required to install program. For 100% IBM compatible computers. 486 (and higher) processors. Requires a Hard Drive with at least 5 megabytes of disk space available. Works with any printer supported by windows. VGA or higher graphics card required. A single computer/user license is included with purchase. Multiple computer / user licenses are available for an additional small fee per computer/user.





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